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Yanqi Lake Convention

Beijing, China

Yangi Lake convention located on the outskirts of Beijing city is an architectural masterpiece which combines cultural design with modern functionality. It was intended for use as a major meeting place for the countries top officials as well as international events. It is a circular building which symbolises the traditional Chinese yuan in auspicious red accent. The interior coincides with the exterior whereby the main hall is circular in shape as well.

Dorma Hueppe Variflex movable walls made up the circular main hall with about 100 angled panels aligned in precision with each other. The corridors are also formed with movable walls whereby the end of the hallway enters the main hall through multiple double pass-doors. It is also one of the highest movable wall in the Asia region.


  • Variflex S100
  • SR2000 track system
  • Fabric finish
  • Double pass doors for increased accessibility
  • Circular (segmented angle) wall
  • Panel height of up to 15m