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GEM Centre

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

GEM Centre is a prestigious multipurpose venue whereby weddings, corporate events are common place. It is strategically located in the CBD district of Ho Chi Minh city. Premium interior design as well as highly flexible spaces makes it an ideal location for hosting a large variety of activities.

Dorma Hueppe movable walls is used in all of its major halls in which the system is perfectly integrated into the beautiful interior design. Flexible space is nonetheless possible with use of self guiding track system which is harmoniously matching with the sophisticated yet gracious ceiling design. Going hand in hand is the high acoustic performance of the movable wall which insulates noise between adjacent events.


  • Variflex S100
  • SR2000 track system
  • Laminate, fabric finish
  • Sound rated up to Rw 55dB
  • Centralized storage location for panels
  • Ceiling matching track layout design