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Circle 2 Condominium

Bangkok, Thailand

Circle condominium is a modern living housing concept in which its design philosophy is at its forefront of the industry. It has located at prime areas of Bangkok whereby it has convenient and quick access to nearby facilities such as railways, BTS & the highways. One of the building facilities includes a jogging track at the roof top garden as well. Project was complete in 2016, while the 3rd phase, Dorma Hueppe Asia was involved in it as well.

Dorma Hueppe movable walls was incorporated in the design to divide the living area and the bedroom of a one bedroom unit. With the use of movable wall, when required the space could be enlarged by combining these spaces and provide for activities such as house parties. On the other hand, with the movable wall setup, it is able to give the residence privacy as well as a quiet space in which the movable walls provides sound insulation in addition.


  • Variflex S85
  • R-track system
  • Laminate finish
  • Sound rated Rw 45dB